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Posted by kevinv033 , in fpv 16 March 2012 · 880 views

y6 hexa quad fpv
It's about time I finally post an official entry for my UAP1. I have been using this since November in various configurations. It started as a flat hexa, then a quad, I briefly tried a "spider" quad. It's currently a Y6 with Avroto 2814-11 motors and APC 10x4.7 (sometimes 11x4.7) props. Those are controlled by RapidESC 30A ESC running on 4S. I currently run it from 2650mah Nanotechs, but will most likely use 3300-4000mah very soon.

FPV gear currently on here is RMRC-600XV, ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8GHz Vtx, EzOSD.

The beauty of the UAP is that you can configure it to your liking. With OP CC, you can tune and mix to pretty much run your multirotor the way you like!

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Here's the custom mix settings I am using for the Y6 so I can use the same props on top and bottom.

Posted Image

Mar 16 2012 07:27 PM
nice setups!
which is your favortite ?
is that 2 times 2650 on the y6?

I am actually on similar path...I use a similar frame concept
and first thing I will build is an asymetrical quad 120/60/120/60...so a hex without rear and front arm...hope this works out good
So far my favorite is the quad. The Y6 is a bit heavy, but I still like it. For these early flights right now I am using a single 2650 pack. I am getting comfortable with the platform LOS. I will move to somewhere around 3300-4000. Right now I get a safe 7min/pack without my GoPro or any other camera on it (just fpv gear).

Hexa without rear and front...I like the idea! Excited to see you get it together. Part of the beauty of CC is enabling us to create our own mixes.
Mar 29 2012 02:22 PM
I just saw this, wow, nice stuff Kevin!
I think I'ma needta look into this frame, you're not the first to recommend it :-)

Thanks for posting!

I've been working with Micros thus far, partly to keep me out of trouble where I am, and due to limited flying space. Part of my plan is to start out with a micro FPV setup, and then evolve into a full scale FPV setup when I return to Tennessee. I hope to get all my serious crashing out of the way while I'm here so I don't go thru it with the bigger, more expensive setups at home.

Question: With your UAP, how did you like the hex setup? Did it seem "heavy" like the Y6? Did it have more lift?

Terrier, sorry I missed your comment :( I've been so busy this past month.

That's a good idea to start small. I started using a 450 sized quad for my early multicopter FPV. This Y6 I still only fly LOS. Mostly because I haven't setup the FPV on it yet. Not much time :/

I am potentially turning this back into a quad with larger props since I will need those two motors to stick onto a QAV500 :)

Anyway, to answer your question. The hexa felt the same actually. The lift really felt better in Y6, but that's most likely due to the Avrotos.
What you mean by that mix so you dont have to use pusher props anymore?

It is not to eliminate the need for pusher props. Normally, on coax multirotors, it is recommended that the lower props have a higher pitch than the top since the air is already moving. It supposedly makes the copter more efficient. I used a mix to address this need.

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