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Introduction and objective

Posted by Gunnisilli , in Introduction 29 February 2012 · 307 views

Hi there and welcome to my blog.

Im going to dedicate this blog to the designing and building of my very first quadcopter.

The objective of the quadcopter design is to be able to capture great looking videos (Juz style :) while being sturdy enough to tolerate Icelandic weather. I split the work into several parts, and plan on making a post about each part. First steps are as follows:
  • Rather than going for a 450 build, I decided that designing my very own frame would be a good way of distracting my from the unbearable wait for the parts to arrive. (Link to Frame building post)
  • I have put together a part list that I am ready to order from Hobbyking as soon as the Turnigy 9x becomes available. Special measures are taken to ensure I will be able to get that sucker in the basket next time (usually around 3am Iceland time). (Link to shopping list)
These two will have to do for now, but I will be sure to add more as the project moves along.

Keep in mind that the reason I am doing this is to get feedback and wisdom from this awesome community. So please leave a comment, even if its just to say "hi" :)

Felix Da Cat
Jun 19 2012 11:07 AM
any progress so far? would like to see what you came up with?


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