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List of Parts

Posted by Gunnisilli , in Part List and Orderings 29 February 2012 · 330 views

I think the best way to publish my list of parts is just to give a link to my wishlist on Hobbyking.

However the number of items isn't shown there so I will perhaps talk about some key features.

I selected the 2217 motors with 1050kv for their great reviews and nice specs. I will buy 6 of them and 3 packs of 9" and 10" props (3cw and 3ccw in a pack).

I have looked at the ecalc engine and with 30A Esc, the setup has 2.5 times the lift of the frame + drive.

I selected a 4000mAh 3s nanotech battery because It seems to give me a nice flight time, while not being too heavy. I have noticed that most people are taking lighter Lipos, but I have yet to see a good reason why.

I am getting a flight controller from hobbyking to practice with. With the great demand for OP boards at the moment, I am preparing mentally for a long wait :P

Besides that I am buying a 5.8 gHz video transmitter/receiver set. 5.8 is legal in Iceland, and I am hoping that the 200mW will be enough for me to fly decently. I will be using my Gopro Hero 2 for both FPV and HD recording.

I am currently working out what to do with the AV signal, since I dont think I will purchase Fat Sharks right away. I am looking into ways to digitize the signal and send to my android... but I have only just started pondering about this.

I would appreciate your input greatly, thanks :)

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