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Frame design Objectives

Posted by Gunnisilli , in Frame Work 29 February 2012 · 361 views

I would like to start off by listing down the objectives for the frame design. They are as follows:
  • Main goal of the device is to do areal photography (without propellers in view)
  • Design must be easy to build, and will be published openly for anyone wanting to benefit from it
  • It must be relatively sturdy and tolerate first time flyers, as well as Icelandic weather conditions
As for now, these are the main goals of the design. Other fancier things such as keeping it SUPER light weight, lowering vibrations and having a low moment of inertia must come in second place.

To start off introducing my thought process, I will dedicate next blog post to going over some of my favorite frame designs and deriving some inspiration from them.

Thanks for reading.

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