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The RCTimer Indy 250 Plus!

Posted by MrSatoV in MrSatoV's Adventures with OP!, 03 June 2015 · 31 views
CC3DFPV, mini racer

Here's a link to it: http://www.rctimer.c...oduct-1343.html
This is basically a progression from the original RCTimer Indy 250 (http://goo.gl/iUoXZa ), which was in response to the Tarot TL250A (http://goo.gl/CNqUni ). Basically the Tarot came out and the thread (http://goo.gl/02Mybm ) took off. There were some complaints by people build...


LED System Built

Posted by FlyGuy in FlyGuy's Blog - First Build, 31 May 2015 · 67 views

LED System Built Hacked a toy grade coaxial copter for the LED and control board. Light weight and free.


Where I'm at so Far

Posted by VancouverDrones in VancouverDrones' Blog, 28 May 2015 · 111 views
SkyHero, Little Spyder and 5 more...

Where I'm at so Far So after 8 months of struggle with trying to get a Pixhawk up in the air, I switched to an OpenPilot Atom courtesy of @kfinisterre. Kevin helped guide me through the setup over Twitter and I was up in the air within a couple of hours.

Here's my specs:
-SkyHero Little Spyder
-950 KV Sky Hero branded motors


Dirty Section Complete

Posted by Wookie in Wook's QAV500 Build Log, 23 May 2015 · 138 views
QAV500, build, dirty frame, ESC

I have the "Dirty Section" complete. The QAV's are split into dirty and clean sections. The dirty section contains the arms, motors, ESC's, main battery and voltage regulator(s). The sections are separated by silicone bobbins that keep vibrations from affecting the clean section that contains the flight controller, GPS, compass, receiver, camera(s) and ot...


In distress need help with my copter.

Posted by lazparrod in lazparrod's Blog, 22 May 2015 · 131 views

Please I'm new to this forum and need some guidance from any savy copter followers. .In distress need help. I have a quad copter that, I'm making with a cc3d flight controller RX703 a esc 20 a. With a mini distribution board. Having problems with the configuration Devo 7 when it gets to the point when, I have to mimic the control the following doesn't w...


Help with issue

Posted by oops47 in oops47's Blog, 20 May 2015 · 113 views
er9x setup

I have a turnigy TGY 9X radio w Smartieparts mod and ER 9X fw. FrSky DJT-JR Module and FrSky D6FR receiver and Naze32 controller. I also use cleanflight.
My problem is at first I could arm my Blackout Quad 280 and the motors would spin. Now I cannot get the unit to arm nor when I am on the receiver button on cleanflight I get no movement on any of the swi...


Need Help On Blackout's Super Mini H Quad

Posted by Pelon in Pelon's Blog, 15 May 2015 · 149 views

I just bought my first Blackout Super Mini H Quad and I'm having the worst luck on the arm the hole in the middle is big not sure if thats how is suppose be?? i have a couple of question for ya
1: is the bottom plate suppose to be flexible then the top plate?
2: for the Super Mini H Quad what size is the arm??
3: i have motor Tiger MN1806 23...


FPV Ground Station v2

Posted by Stisse in Plutten FPV, 17 April 2015 · 455 views

Decided to rebuild my FPV ground station to a smaller and easier to handle verison.

My old station I had in a hardcase together with my radio. But this setup did not feel right after a while. It did work, nothing wrong with that but just did not suit my needs at the time.

This what it looked like, also has it´s own blog entry.

This time I wanted...


Life Intrudes

Posted by Movie Guy in Movie Guy's Blog, 20 March 2015 · 478 views

Note to all who continue:

This entry is not about Open Pilot. It is about the man who got me involved in the RC hobby in the first place. It is not offered up to garner sympathy or condolences. To that end I hope you understand that I would prefer no comments. Instead I would suggest that you call, write, have coffee with or Skype the people in your...


My receiver won't come on

Posted by CaliBigBear in CaliBigBear's Blog, 03 March 2015 · 655 views

My receiver won't come on Ok guys heres my problem. I switched my flight board to a CC3D board and now my Receiver won't power on. it worked when i had the other flight board connected. I was told that maybe I need to checkhttps://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png the HW Settings in OP and checkhttps://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png to...


Wooden Octo: surrounded by too much metal

Posted by Pippin in Pippin's Blog, 20 February 2015 · 671 views

The wooden octo fly's well with the complimentary filter - with the revo on board..

I've been mystified by multiple attempts to get it to even take off when using the INS EKF filter - it always tries to flip over.

I tried the following over the last few days..

1. Many, many attempts to re-calibrate (including after an erase, and reflash of the revo) -...


My new FPV 250 Mini Racer

Posted by stevebgrpc in Steve's FPV Racer Blog, 12 February 2015 · 886 views

Hey FPV enthusiasts, I recently finish my first FPV Racer, I have many multirotors but this one is my first mini racer and it is a blast. Super strong, I put it into the ground at full speed and it rolled about 80ft into a fence and the only damage was 2 broken props, about a dollars worth. I fixed the props and off again!

It was a challenge but wo...


Journey to fixed wings (Spark 2.0 build log)

Posted by ntthhtl in ntt's Blog, 13 January 2015 · 957 views
fixed wing, build log, atom and 1 more...

Been looking suitable wing/plane for an alternative to my quads.Stone Blue Airline's Spark 2.0 36" plane caught my eye, it seems to be very good beginner/basher plane; robust, small, quite cheap and easy to fix :)

This blog post is a going to be my build log and I will update this as project goes forward.



T-Motor Air Gear 350 Anyone? Im an absolute first time flyer of any type.

Posted by ZiyanGT in ZiyanGT's Blog, 07 January 2015 · 795 views
T-Motor, Fly Sky, CC3D, HJ MWC

Hi. I am an absolute first time flyer of any type. Love to build things from scratch and learn it the hard way. Wanted to get my feet wet in flying and came across CC3D for quadcopters.
So went ahead ant purchased some things online.

T-Motor Air Gear 350 http://www.rctigermo...k_0930/279.html
HJ MWC Frame http://www.banggood.com...


Drone Wars: The Transmitter Awakens

Posted by paintcast in It's not interesting blog at all, 22 December 2014 · 662 views

I finished my parody on new SW trailer :lol:


Just Getting Started Here...

Posted by mcfate in McFate Heavy Industries, 27 November 2014 · 703 views

I'm in Fresno, California, currently working on a project to start a software literacy center here.

I've been involved, in various ways, with UAVs for a few years on and off, being on the board of a small organization called OpenRelief that is intended to be a design center for cheap fliers that could be used in disaster recovery and relief situations....


Usbser installation problem

Posted by Wonder in Wonder's Blog, 31 October 2014 · 760 views

Hi, I am totally new here.
I just bought a cc3d board from hobby king, moved to the open pilot side and downloaded the newest version of GCS.

I tried every think to install the software. It`s no problem to install gcs, but to install the driver for the usb port is impossible for me.
I installed all at once (check boxes) , each seperatly, although just t...


Configuration & Tuning Tips

Posted by MGodfrey in Mark's Blog, 25 October 2014 · 858 views
Tuning Gotchas, Configuration Tip

As a new OpenPilot user I'm going to post on random encounters with tuning and configuration parameters that caused me grief. These will be simple things that cost me time, but are relatively easy solve.

So here's the first one - Config error prevents arming because of flight mode settings.
Figuring out what's wrong when the Config panel in the Flight...


Constructive Critisim and Feedback on my Videos

Posted by N3t3cho in N3t3cho's Blog, 23 October 2014 · 610 views

So I have been making videos for a little while. I realized I haven't done a great job promoting them or getting them out in the interwebs. Hence not a lot of feedback on what I can do to make them better or what people like.

So check some of them out and let me know what you guys think. What would you like to see?

Here are a couple but go to my main...


First Time Flying

Posted by RussKittel in RussKittel's Blog, 20 October 2014 · 402 views
first, time, flying, CCAD

Hey guys! My name is Russell Kittel. I go to the Columbus College of Art and Design and I am taking part in a quadcopter class. This is my first time flying so I am a little nervous but extremely excited. Is there anything that you would suggest or give some insite towards? Please let me know. All help is greatfully appreciated.

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